도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트
Taepyeong Hall B2

Here is Taepyeong Hall located on the second underground floor of the City Hall.
If the City Hall is a place for the public, the Citizens’ Hall is a place where citizens become owners. Citizens are able to speak freely about what they think and express themselves creatively.
The owners of this Taepyeong Hall are also citizens.
Various public events, including policy discussions and weddings, take place here.
But this place is not only for events.
Taepyeong Hall was the place for important meetings and events that the Mayor presided over and participated in when Seoul Metropolitan Library was used as the City Hall.
We restored Taepyeong Hall to the way it was, and now you are standing here.
There were actually a lot of controversies surrounding the Hall’s restoration.
Some people said that the Hall should be destroyed because it is a relic of Japan’s colonial occupation of Korea, and some argued that it should be preserved to provide a lesson to future generations.
Finally, Taepyeong Hall was restored to the way it was and moved here to the Citizens’ Hall.
Nowadays when I see various events taking place here, I feel like it was a good idea to restore it.