도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트 도슨트
Sky Plaza 8F~10F

This is Sky Plaza, which the public can use freely.
This is the place where Seoul Plaza (in front of City Hall) can be observed, and a diverse range of exhibitions and events take place.
The eighth floor is a dedicated space for relaxing and enjoying special exhibitions.
On the ninth floor, there is a café named “Happy Plus Shop (Happy+ Shop).” This is a branch of City Hall where baristas with disabilities serve coffee.
How about sitting here and looking down at Seoul Plaza with a cup of coffee, taking in the city’s different aspects? It could be another memory for your trip.
On the citizens’ board, you may write down what you’d like to say to the Mayor, or anything else.
How about writing something to commemorate your visit?
By the way, this Sky Plaza has a special secret.
The secret is that the front wall of the Sky Plaza is made of two-layer vinyl, not glass.
Its official name is “Ultra Thin Fluoroplymer Film” and it helps the City Hall keep warm by holding air between films.
In addition, due to its opacity, this vinyl wall contributes to beautiful landscaping lights on City Hall every weekend night.
It is not going too far to say that Seoul City Hall was renewed based in part on the public’s wishes.